#Summer2016 Afternoon Party @Mylos Beach Bar
Kiko Navarro Open Air House Party 27/08/2016
Lead singer of Pulse R (www.pulse-r.com) Lead singer of Sidestep (www.sidestep.gr) Participant in The Voice of Greece 2014.
The Rock Evolution On Decks: Red Mode Annie
Anthippi Live
deep house ,indie dance,NU disco
House Party 04/07/2016
Matoula Zamani 01/08/2016
Oriental Disco House
Beach Party
MAX THE SAX 22/07/2016
Anna Anastasiou-Liana Mastathi Radio Pepper 96.6 Producers
Metaxas Spiros Producer of Radio Dromos 89.8FM DJ Set
Greek party with the producer of Derti 98.6FM, Evi Aggelina 02/07/16 No entrance fees...
Greek and mainstream...
Mainstream nights